Sun Maxilink Prime is an investment-linked insurance product that primarily helps address your need for education, saving for life milestones and retirement.

Sun Maxilink Prime lets you enjoy these benefits:

LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE. This is equivalent to 200% of the Face Amount plus the Fund Value or 500% of the annual regular premium plus 125% of excess premium (if any) less 125% of partial withdrawals made (if any), whichever is higher.

SUITABLE INVESTMENT OPTIONS. Maximize your money's worth by choosing among the investment fund options that best suit your investment objectives and risk appetite. Plus take advantage of Sun Life's professional fund managers' investment experience and expertise.

FUNDS FOR FUTURE NEEDS. Build funds for your child's education, a comfortable retirement, or an important life milestone. In case of an emergency, money comes in handy via a partial fund withdrawal.

MANAGEABLE PREMIUM PAYMENTS. Pay for at least 10 years or opt to increase your fund's value through top-ups or excess payments on top of your regular premium.

Sample Computation

Face Amount: Php 500,000

Death Benefit: Php 1,000,000

Critical Illness Benefit: Php 500,000

Hospital Income Benefit: Php 1,000/day

Total Disability Benefit (Waiver of Premium)

Annual Premium: Php 35,520

Projected Fund Value (at 10%) at Age 65: Php 2,793,377

Projected Fund Value (at 10%) at Age 88: Php 23,021,899